Acquia Certification Practice Tests for Drupal

Welcome to my Acquia Certification online study group.

15 years ago, when I was taking multiple tests on the fire department, I found my preferred studying habit was creating practice tests.

Feel free to take the test, and if you create an account and would like to add your own questions, or edit some of mine, please hit me up on the Twitter (@michalsen)

For the Acquia Backend Certification Test:

  • Fundamental Web Development Concepts
  • Drupal core API
  • Database Abstraction Layer
  • Debug code and troubleshooting
  • Theme Integration
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Leveraging Community

Some of the Test questions are not fully fleshed out, and may need some editing/review

Added 8.20.15

I added a Front End Specialist quiz but cherry picking questions on themeing and git workflow. I do not know much else about this quiz, but created it to spawn ideas.

Added 9.11.15

Found online quizes for PHP, SQL, Linux, Javascript, HTML...and more

Added 9.11.15

There are issues in terms of fonts and readability while taking the test. A redditor pointed out several options and I am currently sizing up the situation.
In short, yes, some of these questions get tough...a period vs. comma and such. This stuff isn't supposed to be easy, but it isn't supposed to be maddening either :)

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An item I found of interest on HackerNews was an Actionable Plan of learning:
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  • Know the History
  • Study the Present
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